Rant from a Flint, MI Native

Being born and raised in Flint Michigan there was always a shortage of something: Money, activities, schools, jobs. Despite that, I would have never thought in a million years that we would have a shortage of a natural resource: water.
And then came the big change.
When I first heard they were switching the water from Detroit to Flint I couldn’t believe it. If I was hearing right, we were about to be drinking water from the same river dead bodies had been found in. I had to be misunderstanding… No way in hell this change was going to happen.
But it did.
And I looked on with all of my other Flint family as Governor Snyder smiled and made the switch. And even then I didn’t think the problem would turn into what it is now. Then, people started noticing the water didn’t look right. It was cloudy, it looked dirty and tasted funny.
Everyone knew something wasn’t right.
I got complete confirmation when I cleaned out my fish bowl, but when I refilled it with tap water, the water was dirtier than the dirty fish water I had just poured out! From then on, I vowed to only put bottled water in my fish bowl and make sure when I cooked it was boiled. The city went back and forth with telling us the water wasn’t safe to drink, then it was… if it was boiled…
Then, the letters came in the mail.
The water was tested and absolutely safe to drink. So although I still wasn’t drinking straight out of the tap, I would still use it if it was boiled for cooking… Only to find out now, the water is so bad a State of Emergency has been called.
What the hell?
I just got the results that my daughter has not tested for lead and although I am praising God, my heart goes out to all the other babies in Flint. The babies who do have lead in their system and whose lives are forever changed. The babies who deserved a chance. And not only them, but all of us in Flint. Having to literally use bottled water for everything… brushing our teeth, cooking, rinsing our fruits and vegetables. My daughter can’t even play in the bathtub anymore because the water isn’t even safe for us to sit in. Both her, and her father’s skin are already breaking out just from showers and wash-ups. This is not the way anyone should be living.
And even if I move out of Flint, I know I will never feel comfortable drinking from tap water again. I mean, if the city government would just lie and tell us the water was safe to drink here, in little ‘ol Flint MI, why wouldn’t they do it somewhere else?
Pray for Flint. We deserve clean water.


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