Empire Season Finale Predictions


Today, on Empire, everyone’s newest addiction, so much is sure to come to light during Andre’s musical therapy. Last week we seen him breakdown, but tonight we will see what happens as we know again that Luscious will not show up for his son… Someone who always comes through for him. Here are some predictions of my own:

– I’ve already been thinking that little girl  is not Jamal’s, but now I’m thinking her real Daddy is none other than Luscious Lyons himself. He’s already known to be a ladies man, why not Olivia??

– I think Andre’s wife is the main cause of his current condition. Not saying he’s not bipolar, but I think it was her that got him on all that medication which probably wasnt best for him… Especially when you stop taking it.

– I thought it was the end of Hakeems “mama” Camille, but now I’m not sure if she’s gonna go away so easy… What are her motives? I don’t think it’s because she is so in love with Hakeem.

– Is it the end of Cookie and Luscious?? After what he did I sure hope so. Will she already be giving her Cookies to somebody else??

All we can do is wait until tonight to see what happens… What do you think about Andre’s wife? Was she really trying to do the right thing, or does she have other motives?? Who do you want Cookie to be with??  Drop a comment and let me know!!


One thought on “Empire Season Finale Predictions

  1. I don’t think Cookie should give Luscious the time of day after how he treated her while she was in prison and especially when she got out. I also think Andre’s wife is up to something, I just don’t know what and even though I know Luscious is dirty, I hope he is not the father of that little girl but I wouldn’t put it pass him. Yoko ono (Camille) has something up her sleeves too, I can’t wait until tonight. I love your blog DQ!!


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