The Walking Dead Season Finale


To say the season finale of The Walking Dead ended in a cliffhanger would be a complete understatement…

I have so many unanswered questions… so many things hanging in the balance…

First off, where the hell is Beth? I mean she ran out on Daryl and left in in a house full of walkers and disappeared. All we saw were the taillights as she drove down the road, obviously without looking back. And since Maggie isn’t the least bit concerned about her sister in her desperate search for Glenn, I thought someone should show a little care for her whereabouts.

The episode is based around flashbacks in Rick’s mind, mostly of the fallen father and father figure Herschel. Throughout the episode he seems to be trying to convince Rick that it is okay to let his guard down and begin to build and grow again. This leads him to taking some father/son time with Carl at the prison… without weapons, a huge step during an apocalypse. Bringing Herschel back after his untimely demise I believe was to show what an influence he had over Rick and the group and of course, to also show off some of the merchandise that would later be found at Terminus.

Rick’s flashback start at the very beginning of the show, with him all bloody and looking crazy. His mental state was definitely a question in my mind, but we would later learn it was because he (thankfully) took out Joe and his gang of assholes after their assaults on Carl Michonne and Daryl. I don’t think a tear was shed after those deaths. I always did despise the group of bullies that think it’s okay to kill other people but take it so personally when one of their own is killed. Goodbye and good riddance.

It’s obvious Rick is questioning Carl’s view of him as a father. Especially when Carl chooses to hang with Michonne instead of him. It is then we finally learn more about Michonne’s past and the walker’s she had chained to herself. Carl also confesses that his real problem is the way his father views him. Call me a hopeless romantic, but Carl and Michonne’s relationship make me wonder if their will ever be a love connection between Rick and Michonne. Men love when a woman loves their child, and we all can agree Michonne is a better mother during the apocalypse than Lori ever was… just sayin.

When Terminus is finally reached, Rick ‘s approach proves why it is important to have a leader. Not only does he suggest they watch the place for awhile and go in through the side… he buried the weapons! Somebody please hand him Leader of the Year Award. He chose the smart approach, instead of being like Glenn and company who blindly walked right in the front door, put their weapons down and wiped their feet on the bloody welcome rug.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the Terminus people are cannibals, but they are offering food like they know exactly where their next meal is coming from. And furthermore, they are far too damn jolly to be going through an apocalypse. Rick noticed it right away… especially after noticing familiar items on some of the Terminus people… ride gear… a watch… a poncho…

After a “shootout” Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl, named by the Terminus guy as The Ringleader, The Archer, The Samarai and the Kid, are surrounded. After making Rick, Daryl and Michonne line up at a train car, Carl stands alone surrounded by weapons. I was about to pass out because I thought they were about to execute Carl right in front of them. He thankfully lets them all go in the train car where they are met by Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara (the bad girl gone good), the Scientist, the Cocky Mean Guy and the Girl. Rick ends the finale with 6 words… They’re screwin’ with the wrong people… And we all know they are.

What do you think is going to happen next? Is Rick and the crew going to find a way out of Terminus? Do you think they’re cannibals? Where is Carol, Tyreese and Judith and what do you think is going to happen when they make it to Terminus? What do you think Rick is going to say to Carol? Will she tell the group the truth about Lizzie and Mika? Am I crazy for hoping for a love connection between Rick and Michonne? And where do you think Beth is? I want to know what you think!


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