Blazing Deception little known facts


With the release of Blazing Deception eagerly approaching, I thought it would be fun to give a few little known fun facts about my first book as well as the process I went through to write it. To say it was a long journey is an understatement! My 2013 New years resolution took me about 15 months to write, 5 months longer than I’d originally given myself. Here are a few fun facts about my first novel:

1. Blazing Deception started as a short story I’d written for a Valentine’s Day assignment in an English class at Mott Community College. My professor wrote a note on the back that said I should continue the story because he was interested to see what happened next. That part of the story was expanded and kept in the novel.
2. A huge portion of Blazing Deception was written on my lunch breaks in my car. It seems to be the best time for me to focus, in my car with the radio on!
3. The ending of Blazing Deception was changed at least three times before I decided what I wanted to do with it. It was the hardest part to write.
4. Blazing Deception was not supposed to be my first novel. I was actually working on a completely different story but began getting more (and better) ideas for Blazing Deception.
5. Picking the title of the book was the easiest part, even though I thought it would be the hardest. It literally came to me one day (in my car on my lunch break) and I never changed it.
Like my Facebook page for the official release date of Blazing Deception and don’t forget to pick up your copy. This is one novel you have to read!


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